Thinking about making some changes?

What needs to be different for life to be fulfilling and balanced,
with you in charge of what happens?

Imagine a world of no consequences and no limits. What would your ideal life look like?

What would you be doing (and not doing)?
Which area in particular are you focussng on - work, home, family, friends, hobbies?

What can you hear and see around you?
Who is part of it, and who isn't?

Spend a moment really creating that image...notice how you feel ...
Life choices


open quotes I decided to find a coach to help me with some issues I had at work. I felt it was time to move on. As we started coaching, and considering other types of jobs, it emerged that my confidence and self-belief were not in as good shape as I thought they were. close quotes



open quotes I'd been working in the same area for years and had achieved a lot of what I set out to do. I needed a new focus, perhaps outside of work, but I needed to talk it all through with someone from outside of my life for an objective look at what I might do. close quotes